Doppler Neck

List Price: Rs 1750 - Rs 2000

Our Price: Rs 1400 - Rs 1800

You Save: Upto Rs 600

Doppler Neck

at Isha Diagnostics, Malleswaram

| 172 Ratings
| 100% Money Back Guarantee

List Price: Rs 1750

Our Price: Rs 1400

You Save: Rs 350 (20%)

Center Timings: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Mon-Sat) and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Sunday)
Parking: Yes

Doppler Neck

at Aarthi Diagnostic & Research Center, Jayanagar

| 93 Ratings
| 100% Money Back Guarantee

List Price: Rs 2000

Our Price: Rs 1800

You Save: Rs 200 (10%)

Center Timings: 24 Hrs (Mon-Sat) and 24 hrs (Sunday)
Parking: No

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Rs 1400
Isha Diagnostics
Rs 1800
Aarthi Diagnostic & Research Center

Reviews for Isha Diagnostics

Jul 10 2019 Posted by Ganesh

Good experience . Thanks

Jul 03 2019 Posted by Ramanna

Good experience @ Isha but Dr. C should clearly inform the patient what all parameters would be covered in their packages

Jun 27 2019 Posted by Dattaeray


Jun 20 2019 Posted by Gaurav Chand

Do not provid invoice copy

Reviews for Aarthi Diagnostic & Research Center

Jul 13 2019 Posted by Ramesh

Arthi diagnostics is having very good staff and well trained technicians. They are offering all the scans and test at affordable prices.

Jul 10 2019 Posted by Shreya Shi

Very reasonable and affordable diagonistic center, with very helpful and friendly and well behaved staff. Center is neat and clean.

Jul 09 2019 Posted by Arbiya Taj

One of the best services from all of staffs and doctors

Jul 09 2019 Posted by Shreya Shi

I had a very good experience at the diagonistic center, all the staff were helpful, friendly and well behaved. The center is really neat and clean.