CT Maxilla

List Price: Rs 2000 - Rs 3500

Our Price: Rs 1633 - Rs 2800

You Save: Upto Rs 1867

CT Maxilla

at Tesla Diagnostics, Chintal

| 103 Ratings
| 100% Money Back Guarantee

List Price: Rs 2000

Our Price: Rs 1633

You Save: Rs 367 (18%)

Center Timings: 24 x 7 365 days / year
Parking: Yes

CT Maxilla

at Likhitha Diagnostics, Dilsukhnagar

| 72 Ratings
| 100% Money Back Guarantee

List Price: Rs 3500

Our Price: Rs 2800

You Save: Rs 700 (20%)

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Rs 1633
Tesla Diagnostics
Rs 2800
Likhitha Diagnostics

Reviews for Tesla Diagnostics

May 07 2019 Posted by Mohan

Good response n good offers

Apr 18 2019 Posted by Sravan Kumar


Apr 10 2019 Posted by Srinivas

Ok good 

Apr 10 2019 Posted by Shravan

Excellent service for Dr C.&nbsp; &nbsp;And discount also provided . Fully satisfied.&nbsp;&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>Thank-you Dr.C.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Sravan</div>

Reviews for Likhitha Diagnostics

May 20 2019 Posted by Sudi Indira


May 16 2019 Posted by Ashutosh Pathak

Excellent facility. Highly professional Doctors and staff. Thanks .

May 15 2019 Posted by Vinay

Excellent service and excellent references.. The tests which I need would have cost us nearly 10000rs but with help of doctor c, it cost us nearly 4500rs only, which is less than half.

May 02 2019 Posted by Maddy S N Reddy

First come first serve is not good, fix appointment and time, so that v come on time and get the services without waiting long.