Transrectal Ultrasound

List Price: Rs 1300 - Rs 1750

Our Price: Rs 1170 - Rs 1575

You Save: Upto Rs 580

Transrectal Ultrasound

at Elbit Diagnostics, Charminar

| 24 Ratings
| 100% Money Back Guarantee

List Price: Rs 1300

Our Price: Rs 1170

You Save: Rs 130 (10%)

Transrectal Ultrasound

at Likhitha Diagnostics, Dilsukhnagar

| 702 Ratings
| 100% Money Back Guarantee

List Price: Rs 1750

Our Price: Rs 1575

You Save: Rs 175 (10%)

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Rs 1170
Elbit Diagnostics
Rs 1575
Likhitha Diagnostics

Reviews for Likhitha Diagnostics

May 22 2020 Posted by Balu

Overall I had a good experience with likhitha

May 12 2020 Posted by Sreelatha

Very bad experience. I m a diabetic patient and i have some prblm in the abdomen. Doc adviced ultra sound scan. I went to likhitha diagnostic at 9.30 in the mrg. They said to wait as mine was token no. 11.they said to drink lots of water abd after a long wait at 1pm i asked for my turn, they replied tht by the time it was token no. 4 is going on, i hv to wait for 2 more hrs. With a bladder full and a diabetic patient can wait. I requested them but their response was so reckless.

May 10 2020 Posted by Namratha Thakur

Doctor c you are giving good discount at likitha. But service here is very slow. I came at 9 am for ultrasound and waited for 4 hrs.this is the second time happened with me. They should do it fast. My suggestion is you stop linking with likitha. Many other fast services centres are there. U can link up with them

May 09 2020 Posted by Sandeep