Senior Software Engineer
Location: Hyderabad, India
We ship code to production multiple times a day, everyday. As a Software Developer in the company, you will take ownership of entire verticals - from internal tools such as dashboards, analytics pipeline to consumer facing features such as online booking system with integrated payment processing. You will be critical in growing our technology and making it faster, better, stronger. We are looking for a person who is (or can quickly grow into) a full stack developer.
Resume Guide:
Following this guide will increase your chances of getting an interview with DoctorC.
  • Please keep resume short. This is very important. Ideal page length of 1 page. Maximum length of 2 pages. This will help bring into focus your most significant achievements and forces removal of all BS.
  • Highlight the part if you want to focus on any particular thing.
  • Languages/Technology does not matter that much. A good engineer picks up the required language within a couple of weeks.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Put quantifiable metrics like – “Improved the time of X from 24 hours to 10 minutes by automating it using Python script.” Instead of “Gathered requirements, designed and implemented X.”
  • Oversee the achievement of performance targets and budgeted goals
  • Gather requirements, estimate time and plan out the delivery schedule of features.
  • Ship, manage and maintain code on production. You own the feature you ship until someone else takes over officially.
  • Be on call for the “owned” features / projects. Things break, you will be responsible to fix it when it does.
  • Mentor junior developers and oversee their career growth.
  • Independently research/build completely new tools in any language that is appropriate for the job.
  • Attention to design and detail. We ship fast, but we maintain quality in code, UI and UX. You won’t be responsible to come up with product design (unless you want to). Having the drive and understanding and willingness to sweat for those aspects is a must. Have a look at http://doctorc.in/dev/style-guide/ which is entirely managed by the dev team with the help from design team.
  • Previous relevant experience (2-5 yrs) is required
  • Experience with designing distributed systems which can scale to millions of users.
  • Fairly fluent in - Python, SQL, Javascript.
  • Have familiarity with - Linux, Git, Postgres, HTML/CSS/JS, Celery Task Queue
  • Additional experience with either AWS or Android Development a big plus.
  • Ability to understand, evaluate and pick up new languages/tools in a couple of days.
Salary: 7 lakh - 12 lakh p.a
Positions Available: 1