DoctorC is a healthcare technology company, headquartered in hyderabad.
DoctorC enables consumers to compare prices and quality across different providers in their city, and make educated choices about their purchases. We also enable them to save a little money on the way.
On the other side, we use our core technology strength to help our healthcare providers make data driven business decisions and get closer to their end customer needs.
Market size: $9 billion
Target Market: Urban, Middle to Upper Middle class consumers.
Domain: Health + Tech
What we look for
These traits are not all we look for, but are important considerations:
Culturally and work style-wise, fitting in with the company's work style is an important consideration.
T-Shaped people
People who have a breadth of knowledge across many different areas and a depth of skills in a single area.
Read more on Neehar's blog post.
Relentless focus on success
We are an aggressive, competitive company looking to be national within the next 12 months.
High integrity, high quality, smart, and creative.
What you can expect
Exciting startup
Highly competitive
Equity per Silicon
Valley standards
Flexible vacations
Fun, games, and
A snack, coffee and
chocolate filled office